Behold, The Experience Of A Typewriter In An iPad!

Tipster: Erin Stephanie Davis
Occupation: Adventurer
Product/App: Hanx Writer
Recommendation: Long gone are the days of using a typerwriter…. or are they? While most of us consider typerwriters relics from yesteryear, there is something serene and holistic about writing your masterpiece on one.

Fun fact: did you know the typewriter was invented in 1868?

So what is one to do when they want to channel their inner Hildy Johnson (a la His Girl Friday) and create magic sans a laptop? Enter the Hanx Writer.

“With Hanx Writer, you’ll hear the rhythm of your work with SHOOK SHOOK or FITT-FITT.” – Tom Hanks
No longer must you surrender modern luxuries, like the DELETE key, to enjoy the look, feel, and sound of good, old-fashioned word-processing. Each document crafted in Hanx Writer can be emailed, printed, and shared and has its own unique statement-making personality. “

Hanx Writer

Enjoy the look, feel, and sound of good, old-fashioned word-processing on your iPad!

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LA born and bred. Gypsy at heart. World citizen. Brazen day dreamer. Despite being a product of 80's & 90's pop-culture, Erin grew up listening to the likes of Cat Stevens, Buffalo Springfield and CCR - her favorite band. When Erin isn't scouting the interwebs for cools products and app to share...

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