Coming Soon…er Than You Think.

What a surprise, technology goes awry and mankind is faced to stand together. Watching these movies might give you a newfound respect or flat out fear for advanced technology, but nevertheless the technological ideas people are coming up with these days are impressive! 

The 7 year anniversary of the first Transformers movie in the new film series AS well as the release of the newest movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, are coming soon! And we thought it would be cool to “roll out” the original trailer that started it all, along with these possible future tech realities, to celebrate Independence Day and how much we’ve progressed along countless frontiers.

So while you’re contemplating your personal stance on welcoming advanced technology, here are some conceptual ideas the world has been generating that you can check out! We know they may not be as cool as Transformers, but hey, give it time! New tech will be here soon enough!

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