Make Any Hour Happy Hour…

If you like to get yo’ drink on, then you need to meet Monsieur. This robotic bartender is part hardware, part software and all artificial intelligence. The app learns your drink preferences and can make recommendations, it can even detect when you have guests over, and will make high quality cocktails for them on command. Here’s how it works:

1) Load the ingredients into your robotic bartender and push the button.
2) Wait for your drink to be made.
3) Drink Up!

It’s a lot like going to a bar, only difference is you don’t have to leave home. The Monsieur can make up to 150 drinks without needing to be refilled, which makes it perfect for parties or bars. Currently, the company sold-out of their first production, but you can pre-order a Monsieur for your home or business now.

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