Pivvot: Part Puzzle Game, Part Reaction Test

Pivvot offers players challenging, strategic gameplay that will test their ability to make quick, impulsive decisions. Part problem-solving puzzle game, part instinctual reaction test.

Most interestingly, you’re never presented with the same game twice. Nine different game modes will keep you guessing, and you won’t want to stop playing.

Nine Game Modes:

– Voyage: Travel through increasingly challenging levels of obstacles
– Endless: Survive as long as possible while the game gets progressively faster
– Expert Voyage: Uncover new, more challenging obstacles
– Expert Endless: Avoid the expert obstacles as the increasing speed tests your limits
– Berserk: The ultimate challenge: chaotic, frenzied, and unrelenting
– Random Endless: Like Endless but random and faster!
– Random Expert Endless: Like Expert Endless but random and faster!
– Looper: Do loops. Get points. Don’t die.
– Daily Challenge: You get one shot per day. Don’t mess up!

Harry Shum Jr.'s Tenth + Fourth - Pivvot


Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance.

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