Ready, Set, Go… Crank Up Your Driving Experience!

This movie is full of car chases and on-the-go action that will surely keep your adrenaline running (just like in the movie, except not as intense)! In Crank there seems to be a lot of scenes shot while in or on some kind of wheeled vehicle, so it made sense to feature some entertaining and helpful apps you can delve into while on the road (as long as you’re not the driver of course!).

Sometimes the drive is short, other times it feels like it can take forever (“are we there yet?”)! Regardless the time period, it’s nice to have a fun distraction for the ride. Or in some cases a way to keep your sanity when things don’t go as planned. We’re fortunate to have the present-day tech we do to help pass the time and navigate the endless streets, so why not take advantage of this list of apps next time you’re en route!

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