Harry Shum Jr's Tenth and Fourth - Tipster: Seahorse

Tipster: Seahorse

Tipster: Chantel

Occupation: Tech-Fashionista

Product/App: Seahorse

If you’ve ever gotten married, you know how difficult it is to get all of the amazing photos your guests took into one place. This app makes it easier than ever to organize your photos and create a photo album with family and friends.

While weddings are the first thing that comes to mind, you could use the Seahorse app for pretty much any event where people are snapping photos. For up to a week, anyone can delete photos, regardless of who initially uploaded them. Which is why it’s a good idea to invite people you trust to participate. This unusual concept is meant to establish a sense of co-ownership between those involved, allowing the contributors to have a collaborative experience. What I find most interesting about this app isn’t the photo aspect, it’s more about the collaborative component. As photos become more social it’s fun to be able to document life together.

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