The Weather Is In Your Hands

Ever wish you knew what to expect from the weather while you were planning your day? What about the conditions and pollution going on in your very own home? How cool is this! Now you can take charge of the weather from the comfort of your home or on your phone with this weather station! 

The Netatmo Weather Station can read and analyze data that it collects from both outside and inside! It’s modules can be placed throughout your home to accurately measure and present the information it retrieves of your environment. It can relay information such as temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, air quality, and weather forecasts. Also with a simple ergonomic design made from aluminum, it’ll fit right in (and your guests won’t even know it’s there)!

Harry Shum Jr's Tenth + Forth - The Weather Is In Your Hands

Netatmo Weather Station

Take control of the weather both inside and outside your home with this product and app!

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