LA born and bred. Gypsy at heart. World citizen. Brazen day dreamer. Despite being a product of 80's & 90's pop-culture, Erin grew up listening to the likes of Cat Stevens, Buffalo Springfield and CCR - her favorite band. When Erin isn't scouting the interwebs for cools products and app to share with you, she can be found playing with her parents pup and catching up on the latest reality tv.

Erin Stephanie Davis

Culture Vimeo: A Treasure Trove

Vimeo is by far one of my favorite websites. Yes, YouTube has its share of amazing, funny, and even viral videos, but Vimeo feeds my creative side. It is a treasure trove of some of the most innovative and creative videos I have ever seen. From amazing wedding videos, to shorts, to animations that will blow your mind, Vimeo has it all. And I love nothing more than to troll the various categories looking for the coolest videos.

Culture Tipster: ellentube

Tipster: Erin Stephanie Davis
Occupation: Adventurer
Product/App: ellentube

You know that cat video that you saw in your newsfeed a few minutes ago? The one you watched more than 20 times, giggling more and more after each view? Yeah, we have all been there and now there is a place on the web that can be considered the mecca of cute, funny videos. Let me introduce you to Ellentube.