Harry Shum Jr. is most well known for his role on “Glee!” as Mike Chang. Mike Chang went from a supporting character to one of its main stars, in which Harry has received immense praise from his co-stars, producers and fans. Harry also starred in the independent feature, White Frog, which was released theatrically in 2013. In addition to his acting, Harry is the co-founder / executive producer of REMIXED, a YouTube show that brings together dancers and musicians for a one-of-a-kind collaboration. Harry also starred in and co-choreographed The LXD. Along with being one of the original silhouettes in the Apple iPod commercial campaign, Harry has danced with many artists including Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez. As an actor, Harry has appeared in “Boston Public”, “Zoey 101”, "Greek", and “iCarly: iGo to Japan.” He also brought his acting and dancing talents together in Step up 2: the Streets, and Step Up 3D. Coming up next for Harry is “Mortal Kombat” on Machinima’s YouTube channel, a Hulu original series “Caper” as a broke superhero who turns to a life of crime to pay rent, Sony feature “Mom’s Night Out” as well as the role of “Paul Wong” in Martin Scorsese produced & Andrew Lau directed feature “Revenge of the Green Dragons.” Both slated for 2014. Harry’s curiosity for tech and gadgets began during his childhood where he would disassemble his toys and put them back together. This wonderment for technology was something he wanted to share with everyone around him. He became the go-to guy for what’s cool and useful in tech. Soon thereafter, this passion lead to fashion, culture and lifestyle. Now, with the creation of Tenth and Fourth, he is able to globally share a digital platform where creativity meets commerce. All things that move him that will hopefully in turn, move others. www.tenthandfourth.com

Harry Shum Jr.

Harry Dance Battle Royale

I’m a sucker for a good dance video but when one like this comes along, I feel the world should see it. Watch as a group of Lindy Hop dancers and street dancers come together for the ultimate dance battle. I promise, this will put a smile on your face. Nothing makes me happier when two completely dance styles can really appreciate each other’s differences.

Harry The Art of the Fake

You have got to see this cool new show on TruTV called Fake Off! Not only am I one of the judges, Chili from TLC and Michael Curry join me in deciding the fate of some of the most talented performers on the planet. Ten teams from around the country take moments and events in pop culture and reinvent them to create some of the most creative routines I have ever seen!