I'm a young, lively, and colorful millennial doing my best to make an impact in the work that I do and the people I meet. East Coast born and raised who found a home away from home in LA. My love for design, curiosity, and interaction is what fuels my creative soul. My desire to reach my full potential is my foremost goal. I rock my own unique flare and get a long most with those who just don't care. I choose to live to the fullest and am always looking to take on new challenges, get involved, and discover the unknown. I want to spread the voice of myself and others and hope you will too. I'm looking forward to all the crazy stuff that I still have to do, so come along for the ride will you?

Matthew Green

Apps Tipster: Bitmoji

Tipster: Matty G.
Occupation: Moji Mogul
Product/App: Bitmoji

If you like Bitstrips you’ll love Bitmoji, it’s basically Bitstrips for Emojis! I KNOW some of you are total emoji junkies and often get emoji happy, so here’s a great find that you can spend hours on (because what else do you have to do?). But no, seriously this app is really quite cool. You can create your own cartoon avatar, mix and match stickers, and comic scenes, or browse the extensive library of moods and word art.