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Vat 19

Culture The Ninja Mug

Having trouble waking up in the morning? Ninja Mug. Need to relax with an afternoon cup of tea? Ninja Mug. Worried your co-worker is trying to take credit for your work? Ninja Mug. How does the Ninja Mug handle such a variety of situations? In addition to being a vessel for twelve ounces of delicious liquid, it’s equipped with a samurai stirring spoon and a throwing star coaster!

Apps Ollie the App-Controlled Racing Robot

Meet Ollie. Ollie is a firecracker. A spark plug. A real go-getter. Ollie is also a bit reckless, but it has reason to be; it was made that way. Ollie is an app-controlled robot designed for racing, jumping, spinning, performing tricks, slamming into things, and generally being awesome. Ollie is like a race car, a tank, and a gymnast all rolled into one. So grab an Ollie, your mobile device, and get after it!