Apps Will Smith + Jimmy Fallon Beatbox Using iPad App

Will Smith got back to his rapping roots on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week. The oscar-nominated actor and the hilarious talkshow host showed off their beatboxing skills using the Loopy app, which lets you easily layer beats like a pro. Once their beat was complete Will and Jimmy performed “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock over their original beat for the Tonight Show audience.

Apps Ollie the App-Controlled Racing Robot

Meet Ollie. Ollie is a firecracker. A spark plug. A real go-getter. Ollie is also a bit reckless, but it has reason to be; it was made that way. Ollie is an app-controlled robot designed for racing, jumping, spinning, performing tricks, slamming into things, and generally being awesome. Ollie is like a race car, a tank, and a gymnast all rolled into one. So grab an Ollie, your mobile device, and get after it!

Apps Tipster: Bitmoji

Tipster: Matty G.
Occupation: Moji Mogul
Product/App: Bitmoji

If you like Bitstrips you’ll love Bitmoji, it’s basically Bitstrips for Emojis! I KNOW some of you are total emoji junkies and often get emoji happy, so here’s a great find that you can spend hours on (because what else do you have to do?). But no, seriously this app is really quite cool. You can create your own cartoon avatar, mix and match stickers, and comic scenes, or browse the extensive library of moods and word art.