Apps Tipster: Appetites App

Tipster: Erin Stephanie Davis
Occupation: Adventurer
Product/App: Appetites

Julia Child once wrote that one did not “have to cook fancy, complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.” And she is right, nothing quite compares to a home cooked meal made with the freshest ingredients. Over the years I stood by this belief. When I came across the Appetites App, I knew that my culinary maxim was manifested in a single app.

Apps Tipster: Ello

Tipster: Erin Stephanie Davis

Occupation: Queen Bee

Product/App: Ello

When it comes to social networks Facebook has always been a top choice of mine, but there is a newcomer to the scene, the simple and ad-free Ello. While I am waiting to receive my invitation (Ello is in beta right now and it is invite only), I decided to check out the difference between the two social sites.