Fashion How to Iron a Shirt in 90 Seconds

We’ve all had one of those mornings when nothing seems to go right. First, you wake up late, then the cat runs out and you have to search for him. After finding the little fur-ball you realize you don’t have time for a shower, so you just wash the important parts. While throwing on some pants you reach into your closet for a shirt and…it needs to be ironed.

Fashion If the Shoe Fits

Follow Prince Charming, played by model Mark Wystrach, as he searches for a Princess. He embarks on a journey in a strange part of the kingdom – aka New York City – Free People shoe in hand, hoping to find the woman that will win his heart. The prince stops real women on the street, in the park, and along sidewalks to see if their feet might be the size of his one true love. Will they accept his gentlemanly demeanor or miss out on the opportunity to win his heart?