Harry Shum Jr's Tenth + Forth - Accentuate Personal Style With Fashion-Foward Audio Collection

Accentuate Personal Style With Fashion-Foward Audio Collection

After wowing us with their range of technology cases, Ted Baker has now made the foray into technology itself with a stylish new audio collection.

The new range, launched yesterday, consists of the Dover in-ear headphones, the Rockall over-ear headphones and Fastnet folding Bluetooth speaker with integrated mic.

The first thing you will notice about the Ted Baker audio collection is that it is very fashion-forward and has clearly been designed to be an extension of your personal style.

The Dover in-ear headphones come in four finishes: silver with black cable and ear inserts; antique brass with black cable and ear inserts; champagne gold with white cable and ear inserts; rose gold with nude pink cable and ear inserts.

Dover, which retails at £59.99, comes with a soft travel case, textured tangle-resistant cable has a smartphone remote and microphone, allowing call and control functions for your Apple iOS device.

The Rockall over-ear headphones are a more serious investment at £179.99 but appear to be made with the same high quality and finesse that you would expect of your Ted Baker cocktail dress or leather brogues. They are made with brushed stainless steel, soft padding for comfort and have the same tangle resistant cable and smartphone remote (for iOS).

Rockall comes in three different colourways: Brushed Silver with Black or Tan headband/ear cup cushions, or Brushed Champagne Gold with White headband/ear cup cushion.

The real stand out in this collection is the Fastnet Bluetooth speaker. It has a real retro feel with a clean modern wire-free finish. Made from brushed aluminium and genuine leather it is a pretty piece that is easily portable thanks to its impressive built-in battery that is said to last around six hours between charges.

It has a unique folding design which protects it when you’re on the move and props it up when you ready to pump out some tunes.

The Ted Baker Audio collection is now available at John Lewis.

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Harry Shum Jr's Tenth + Forth - Accentuate Personal Style With Fashion-Foward Audio Collection

Ted Baker Audio Collection

Ted Baker's new fashion-forward audio collection won't only look good but sound good too!

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