Crazy, Cool Concept Art

There’s just something about getting to see the sketches, color scripts, and storyboards of a really good movie or story, that fascinates me. I’m left looking at all these intricate details and small “masterpieces” wondering… how did they do that? Seriously though, HOW did they do that?

I’ve always been envious of how artists (cough, cough, some of my friends) can “doodle” and it comes out looking like a miraculous work of art. Then to see how many of these single pieces of art can come together to form a bigger picture. It’s so cool!

These books will give you an inside look at some of the coolest movies and stories out there, and maybe a greater appreciation for animation and art.


Matthew Green
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I'm a young, lively, and colorful millennial doing my best to make an impact in the work that I do and the people I meet. East Coast born and raised who found a home away from home in LA. My love for design, curiosity, and interaction is what fuels my creative soul. My desire to reach my full potent...