Dancing ‘Don’t Walk’ Signs

How many times have you stood at a stop light waiting for the light to change, twiddling your thumbs for what seems like forever? In comes the dancing ‘Don’t Walk’ sign.

This funny little guy will break-it-down for you until it’s time to cross the street. The dancing walk sign may seem like it’s purely for entertainment purposes, but it can have a huge impact on safety, since people are more likely to wait for the walk sign to change when they are being entertained. At least that was the thinking when Daimler AG’s Smart brand designed these animated ‘don’t walk’ stick figures. The best part is there are real people not far from where these signs are placed actually doing the dancing, their dance moves are translated into the pixelated stick figure in real-time. These playful signs haven’t come stateside yet, but one thing is for sure, when they do crossing the street will become a lot more entertaining.

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Harry Shum Jr. is most well known for his role on “Glee!” as Mike Chang. Mike Chang went from a supporting character to one of its main stars, in which Harry has received immense praise from his co-stars, producers and fans. Harry also starred in the independent feature, White Frog, which was re...

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