The Dancing Robyn Droid Robot

Pop-star, Robyn, has her very own dancing droid robot. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds. Mechatronic students at Sweden’s tech university, KTH, embarked on a year-long endeavor they called The Robot Project.

The robot, which was is made of an amalgamation of moped motors and 3-D printed parts, listens to music and dances on its own. And yes, Robyn gave input on the project; she even gave the team a book about the Apollo moon landing to help explain her aesthetic vision.

“We got that book from Robyn after one of our first meetings with her,” says Elias Josefsson, one of the engineers who worked on the ‘bot. “We discussed how the look and feel would be of the robot and she described the moon lander as an example where something is not designed with a fancy cover, but instead the rawness can be beautiful with all necessary parts visible.” (via)

You can check out “Robyn” busting a move in the video above!

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