The geometric design of this feline candle conceals a unique twist in wax sculpture: a hidden metal skeleton! As PyroPet’s unscented wax burns away, the kinetic sculpture entrances with its dazzling transformation.

Harry Shum Jr's Tenth and Fourth - PyroPet

Its face literally melts away!

Although the unique design of the PyroPet ensures that no two candles melt in exactly the same way, there is definitely a common pattern. As the wick burns down through the center of the head, you are treated to a few hours of what we like to call “Devil Kitty”. This is when the flame dances directly behind the skeleton’s eye sockets. As the flame bores down past the teeth, the face continues to hinge forward until the entire metal skull is revealed. Sweet! Eventually, the wick forges a path all the way to the bottom of the kitty, creating a pool of wax and revealing the ribs, pelvis, legs, and paws of the kitty’s skeleton.

Harry Shum Jr's Tenth and Fourth - PyroPet

Available in two styles

PyroPet is currently available in two cat colors: pink and gray. We suggest gray for dreary Mondays and pink for your saucy weekends.

Harry Shum Jr's Tenth and Fourth - PyroPet

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PyroPet Candles

Unique candle reveals a metal skeleton as it burns.

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