A Super-sized Sporting Experience!

As you’re well aware, we like big things at Vat19. We like jumbo paperclips, ginormous gummy worms, and toddler-sized gummy bears.

So, when we saw this six-foot-diameter inflatable soccer ball, it was as if Eros himself waddled down from Mt. Olympus and shot us through the heart. We are simply smitten with this oversized soccer ball.

Yes, it is 100% real (and 100% for sale!)

Check out the video below. Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball is real. It is awesome. And if you are cowboy enough to recognize pure fun when you see it, you can own one too!

Handles a pounding with aplomb

If a gigantic soccer ball says anything, it’s “KICK ME!”

If it says anything else, it’s “PUNCH ME!”, “HEAD ME!”, “TOSS ME!”, “ROLL ME!”, “JUMP ON ME!”, and “THROW ME AT STEVEN WHEN HE’S NOT LOOKING!”

The Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball lives for play, so give it what it needs! This sucker’s skin is thick (literally) and will handle your abuse. Obviously, you shouldn’t roll it over a bed of nails, but in our tests we didn’t notice any issues when kicking it across our parking lot and concrete walking paths. This thing gets an A+ for durability!

Inflation valve is so nice, we just had to take a picture

Filling up something as massive as the Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball takes a lot of air. In fact, it requires 195,283 cubic inches!

A large (1.5″) plug allows you to employ a variety of air pumps to handle the bulk of the inflation. Once she’s near full, you close this plug and use the one-way top-off valve to get her über-plump.

Equivalent to 91 beach balls!

Quick! What’s the equation for the volume of a sphere? Yeah, we didn’t know either. Turns out, it’s (4/3)πr3. Plugging in the numbers for the mammoth 6-foot-diameter reveals that it is 91 times larger (in terms of volume) than a 16-inch diameter beach ball. Dang.

Super-sized fun!

Go big or go home. Well, we decided the house was too dirty and we couldn’t afford a housekeeper, so we went with an inflatable so large that its mere sight makes us giggle.

The Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball is kickable, punchable, rollable, and (according to the picture below) Atlas-able!


Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

The Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball is the King Kong of blow-up spherical toys.

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