Bezl: The Case-less iPhone 5 Case

Hate bulky cases? Then Bezl is for you!

The creator of Bezl wanted to create a case for people who love the design of their iPhone 5/5S, but who still desire some level of protection for their expensive device.

The iPhone 5 and 5S are gorgeous products. It’s really a shame to entomb them in some sort of indestructible fortress. The Bezl protects your investment with minimal impact on the design aesthetic.

Minimalist design, effective 360° protection

The screen is the most frequently damaged part of the iPhone. Unless you’re beating your phone with a hammer, screen fractures occur from drops. This is precisely what Bezl is designed to protect against.

Its four edge pieces provide substantial protection in the event of a dropped phone. The manufacturer has repeatedly proven Bezl by dropping it from 6 feet on to concrete. Our evil boss only allowed us to drop his phone from 4 feet onto asphalt (he’s a total baby, right?) and it passed with flying colors.

Unfettered access to buttons, switches, and ports

Bezl iPhone 5/5S Protectors leave clear access to your phone’s lightning connector, headphone jack, microphone, on/off button, volume buttons, and ring/silent button.

It might seem like a small detail, but many cases prevent some styles of headphone plugs from fitting flush with the iPhone. This prevents the cable from making a proper connection (aka not working at all). With Bezl, you have 100% clear access to all buttons and connectors. Plus, the microphone is completely uncovered.

Easy to grip and doesn’t snag on pockets!

A completely “pure” (or case-less) iPhone is actually pretty slippery. It can slide out of your hand fairly easily. After testing the Bezl for about a month, we found that the edge protectors provide nice gripping points.

We also learned that the Bezl never snags on your pockets due to its smooth beveled edge. Like most people, we use our iPhone constantly throughout the day. It’s in and out of tight jeans (yep, that’s how the evil boss rocks his legwear) and he never experienced a single snag.

Doubles as a stand

Viewing a short video with friends is made a tad easier with Bezl since it doubles as a stand. And though not substitute for a tripod, it can also help improve your self-timed photos.


Bezl iPhone 5 Protector

Bezl is a minimalist "case" that consists of four plastic corner guards.

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