Cleverpet: An Educational Game Console For Dogs (Yes, Seriously)

If you’re a dog lover (and let’s face it: if you’re not, you should be) then you’ve no doubt agonized over the idea of leaving your furry friend home alone while you go to work, run errands, or leave home for any extended period of time.

Well, there may not yet be an app for that (though we’re sure it’s probably coming) but there is in fact a device for just such a situation.

Cleverpet is a smart WiFi-connected device your pet can use. With it, you can automatically entertain and educate your dog, even when they’re home alone. Yes, seriously. It’s a “game console for your dog.” Luckily for everyone, this is a thing that actually exists and is currently being funded via Kickstarter.

Here’s how it works.

Cleverpet uses a series of games to train your dog to respond accordingly, then rewards him or her with a treat. The games get progressively harder as your dog learns to respond correctly. Even better? You can track your dog’s progress through the Cleverpet website and app. Okay, so there kinda sorta IS an app for that.

“CleverPet uses scientifically proven techniques to offer interactions that adapt to individual dogs’ needs. These interactions grow more challenging as your dog learns, and can take place even when you can’t be home. Many dogs left alone at home are bored and unengaged, which can lead to separation anxiety and costly destructive behavior. With CleverPet, your dog is busy, engaged, and challenged at her learning level—automatically. A busy dog is a happy dog, and a busy, happy dog has no time for negative behavior.”

Basically, the future is here.

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