Harry Shum Jr's Tenth + Forth - Will You Follow the Light?

This Light Won’t Leave Your Side

It just won’t stay! How annoying is it when you just can’t get something to stick to your athletic gear? Very. Especially when you need something let’s say, lights, when heading out in the dark. Don’t sweat it (well, you know). You’re obviously not alone, because someone thought of these nifty lights to accompany you during your workout! 

Athlights are small LED lights that use a magnetic grip to lock onto your clothing. These little buggers can withstand the force you produce while exercising and can be placed comfortably wherever you prefer! It’s a light that is bright, compact, and durable. When using Athlights you can exercise safely any time and enjoy the mini light show!

Harry Shum Jr's Tenth + Forth - Will You Follow the Light?


Don't be caught in the dark! Take the light wherever you go with Athlights.

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