Levitron Revolution: Levitate Your Possessions!

With the Levitron Revolution, you can float (and slowly rotate) nearly any object of your choosing.

Put this item on your desk and you’re the king of awesome.

The unit is extremely advanced in that it constantly adjusts the strength of magnetism so that adding or removing items does not cause the magnetic disc to fall. You can also spin items without fear of them falling.

The Levitron Revolution creates levitation via magnetism. The base unit features magnets in each of its four corners. The processor inside continually adjusts their strength to keep the magnetic disc centered and floating.

In order to float the disc, you hold it above the unit and make small adjustments to its position until all four LED lights are illuminated. You’ll feel the disc “catch” once it is properly aligned.

The Levitron’s processor constantly adjusts itself (1,000 times per second!) to keep the magnetic disc centered and aloft. So, if you add weight to it, spin the object on top of it, or bump it, the disc will remain floating.


Levitron Revolution

The Levitron Revolution with EZ Float Technology is a mesmerizing way to display small objects.

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