Print Selfies in Seconds

The $99 Prynt smartphone case has a built-in printer that lets you print images from your cell phone in less than a minute. You’re probably wondering how this sexy piece of hardware works, right? Well, the printer connects to the phone via bluetooth, then all you have to do is tap print, and in less than a minute your photo pops out. Thats not all, when you take a photo with the Prynt app, it records video and if you view the image with the app open it lets you watch a video of the moment the image was captured. There’s only one negative–the printer case can only fit 4-inch phones (sorry all of you phablet lovers), but the company plans to launch a case for larger phones models in the near future. The covers will be available to the public in the new year. Check out this video to see Prynt in action.

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