Own The Skies… in 3D!

Our obsession with doing it jumbo is well-documented. So it should go without saying that we love these colossal kites.

Tenth + Fourth - Own The SkiesAt their longest point, they’re 6 feet across! However, they weigh less than a pound, so they’ll take to the skies with as little as 7 mph of wind.

SuperSize 3D Kites are built to last. Their lightweight fiberglass airframe helps maintain a stable flight and can withstand a beating in the air and on the ground.

The sails are made from durable ripstop nylon. So instead of ten minutes of “fun” with those cheap, paper-thin plastic kites from the dollar store, you’ll enjoy years of fun with 3D Kites.

The frame is also collapsible for easy transport.

SuperSize 3D Kites are currently available in two “own the skies” styles: Pirate Ship and Dragon. In our experience, they’re both great fliers. The choice of which one is “better” is purely an aesthetic one.

However, in an effort to avoid offending the kite gods, we suggest you purchase at least one of each.

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