Harry Shum Jr.'s Tenth + Fourth - Sempli - Take Your Drink For A Spin

Sempli… Take Your Drink For A Spin!

If you know me, you know that I like to move.  What holds my drinks are not exempt from that.  I’ve been taking these Sempli glasses for a spin.  They are hand blown and from an Italian designer from Sweden.  If you like to pour your juice of desire into something fun, then these glasses will entertain.  Now, DANCE drink, DANCE!

Tenth + Fourth - Sempligiffer-1

Created with Giffer.

Cupa // Rocks Whiskey Tumbler 2 Pack

Enjoy the finest whiskeys and scotches with this stunning set of two Cupa tumblers. Handmade from lead-free crystal, their unique construction creates a swirling rotation when set down

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