Cloud from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

Showstopping Conversation Piece Fit For Your Living Room

Giving you the ambience of a thunderstorm…in your actual living room. Now you don’t need a porch or even a window for that matter to appreciate the gentle sound of rainfall with the Cloud Lamp.

Designed by New Zealand’s Richard Clarkson, Cloud is a conversation piece for any adventurous soul’s interior design. A fluffy exoskeleton creates the nimbus-like aesthetics while inner-lighting creates the atmosphere of lightning. With added sound effects to simulate thunder and a motion sensor to react with those inhabiting your space, this invention is a tangible way to experience weather in the comfort of your own home.

If your wallet is light, you may need to stick with dancing in the rain to get your thunderstorm fill. A decked out Cloud with speakers, a remote, and all the bells and whistles will run you $3,360. But you can get a stripped down version for just $960. Unlike the weather, you have some control in this situation.

Cloud Lamp

Cloud, the tangible way to experience the weather in the comfort of your home.

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