A Dice Game Of Guts And Luck

Farkel is the incredibly fun and addictive dice game invented by a husband and wife team in 1996. Despite its relative old age, Farkel never gets boring!

In essence, Farkel is a simple game in which you must balance risk and reward on every roll. Succumbing to the temptation of “just a few more points!” has ruined many a Farkeler’s turn.

It’s all or nothing on every roll!

Farkel is simple to learn, simple to play, but always fun. We won’t recount every rule, but here’s the general idea. You can keep rolling the dice as many times as you want as long as you score points on every roll. However, if your roll results in no points, you lose all the points you had accumulated on that turn.

Risk, reward, and playing the odds are essential in Farkel. You start your turn by rolling all six of your dice. If you want to continue rolling (and potentially earning more points), you must remove your scoring dice. Therefore, each roll decreases your odds of scoring points and increases the chances that you’ll lose everything.

But can you resist the urge to earn more points, or are you going to “Farkel!”?

Available in two sets

We currently offer Farkel in two styles. The Farkel Game Set with Dice Rolling Tray and Pocket Farkel.

Farkel Game Sets

The addictive dice game of guts and luck.

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