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It’s Monday morning, your alarm starts going off and you are suddenly woken from a deep sleep slightly confused and still very tired. Sound familiar? Then you will want to meet Sense. A kickstarter funded project that is reinventing the way we sleep and the way we wake up.

Sense tracks your sleeping behavior, such as when you tend to become restless during the night, and the average time each day you wake up. It stores the information and then helps you to sleep better. It does this by recording what may be disturbing your sleep. Was it the car alarm that went off, was it too hot in the room? Sense learns your habits then adjusts your alarm based on this knowledge. If your alarm is set for 9:00 am, but Sense sees that you are somewhat awake at 8:50 am, it will turn the alarm on early, instead of letting you go back into a deep sleep only to be awoken ten minutes later.

To me, it makes total sense.


Track your sleep behavior, monitor the environment of your bedroom and reinvent the alarm.

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