Culture Art + Design: Nicklas Ekstrand

There are few instances when art and design merge to create things that are both beautiful and usable. In our Art + Design series, we will be featuring the work of an elite set of innovators, who are using deign to rethink the world. Nicklas Ekstrand is one such designer, he takes simple everyday items and reimagines them into works of art. 

Culture Chocolate with a Kick

We love Tabasco. We love Tabasco on our eggs, our baked potatoes, our pasta, our nachos, our Italian salad dressing, our pizza, heck, even our jelly beans. So, you can pretty much imagine what happened when we saw that Tabasco was now in our chocolate. If not, think of our minds as the rooftop of the Nakatomi Plaza building at the end of Die Hard (spoilers: it exploded). Tabasco Spicy Chocolate is an immaculate blend of Tabasco sauce and dark chocolate. It’s perfection!